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The German Business Aviation Association e.V. (GBAA) is the powerful German voice for Business Aviation in Europe.

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About Us

The German Business Aviation Association e. V. (GBAA) represents the interests of Business Aviation companies involved in the value chain and is a competent contact for policy makers. We represent companies like commercial operators, corporate aviation and ambulance flight operations, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance and finance companies as well as many other service providers from the aviation industry. In total, our members have a fleet of more than 150 aircraft of various sizes.

GBAA began its work in 1970 as a ‘Business Aviation Working Group’ within the Federation of German Industries (BDI). Since its entry into the register of associations in 2001, GBAA’s membership has been tripled, and we have currently more than 90 members.


The German Business Aviation Association e.V. is actively involved in creating current and future decentralized air traffic and its infrastructure in Germany and in Europe. We are the modern representative for all stakeholders in Business Aviation. This requires an intensive and future-oriented networking of all companies involved in the value chain.


By supporting the decentralized aviation infrastructure, we network medium-sized companies and act as an interface between our members, the authorities, state institutions, and aviation associations. As a competent partner, we actively engage in dialog with policymakers and the science sector and we are committed to climate protection. In a conciliation of ecology and economy, we promote the development of lower-emission aircraft, sustainable air fuels, and the optimization of operational processes. We want to be a pioneer for sustainable and efficient operations by 2030.


We are actively involved in creating current and future decentralized air traffic and its infrastructure in Germany and in Europe. In doing so, we consistently and competently represent the interests of our members:


We support safe and efficient flight operations as well as ecological and sustainability within business aviation.

Powerful Voice

We are Germany's influential voice for our members at authorities and state institutions and participate in legislative procedures.


We act as an industry interface between our members, aviation authorities and legislators, enhancing the Decentralized Aviation Infrastructure.


We develop transformation strategies for sustainable aviation with technological innovations and are committed to a more rational transport policy.


We are committed to reduce administrative paperwork, fees and fair distribution of charges between all market participants.


We are in favor of the equal use of all air traffic infrastructures, especially in the allocation and use of slots at commercial airports.


We support the development of alternative engine technologies and sustainable air fuels as well as the improvement of all operational processes.


We are actively working to maintain connectivity and mobility in rural areas. Intermodality is particularly important to us in this context.

Public Relations

As a competent partner, we inform politicians about current developments and the social benefits of business aviation.



Our members are from all segments of aviation: commercial operators, corporate aviation and air ambulance operators, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance and finance companies and many other service providers. 

The GBAA team

We are are there for you! Meet the GBAA team. 

Peter Gatz

Peter Gatz


Winthir Brunnbrauer_edit

Dr. Winthir Brunnbauer

Vice chair

Steffen Merz

Steffen Merz

Vice chair

Andreas Mundsinger_edit2

Andreas Mundsinger


Ulrich Stockmann

Ulrich Stockmann

Political affairs

Lisa Marie Erb

Lisa Marie Erb

Marketing & Project Manager

Contact Us

For questions about our association and our work as well as for press inquiries, please feel free to contact the CEO, Mr. Andreas Mundsinger.

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