Business Aviation

Business Aviation offers companies, governments, communities and private individuals tailor-made and flexible air transportation.

It is part of the mobility mix and mainly a working tool.


Short distances and no crowded security area at the airports! Business Aviation is and will remain an essential tool and enables companies and communities the connectivity they need: from where and when you want, where you want and with whom you want!


  • ... facilitates travelling without waiting time
  • ... fly nonstop from point to point
  • ... saves time and is very efficient
  • ... increases the performance of the employees
  • Competitiveness

  • ... is extremely flexible and individual
  • ... strengthens the competitiveness of companies
  • ... secures access to international markets
  • ... boosts Germany as a manufacturing location
  • Accessibility & Connectivity

  • ... travelers can reach multiple destinations in one day
  • ... fly to 1,400 airports across Europe
  • ... guarantees connections to remote areas
  • ... stabilizes the decentralized air traffic infrastructure
  • Sustainable & Socially Responsible

  • ... transformation to climate-friendly aviation
  • ... innovations in new engine technologies
  • ... growing use of sustainable air fuels
  • ... optimization of all operational processes
  • Business Aviation vs. Scheduled Flight

    Compared to the fastest scheduled flight alternative you save an average of 125 minutes or more than two hours, by using Business Aviation within Europe! You will have lots of benefits while using a business aircraft. First: Nonstop flights without changing planes. Second: Short distances at airports and no check-in. Third: No crowded control and security area. In addition, you travel safely and individually in a virus-free aircraft cabin and know all your fellow passengers.
    Scheduled flight vs. Business Aviation
    The perception of Business Aviation in public means luxury and exclusive flying but this is wrong! Because Business Aviation is extremely effective and time-saving.

    Connectivity to remote and decentralized regions

    The population in Germany is distributed consistently and more widely than in other countries. There are many economically successful regions that are more rural and not well connected to international commercial airports. Thankfully, Germany has a nationwide, decentralized network of different airfields. This decentralized airfield infrastructure guarantees connections to regions far from metropolitan areas.


    While airlines only operate into approx. 500 airports,
    Business Aviation can operate to more than 1,400 airports within Europe.

    Airports served by Airlines
    Airports served by Business Aviation
    Flughäfen: Airlines
    Flughäfen: Business Aviation

    Facts and Figures

    Business Aviation in Germany is quite impressive!
    Facts and figures of Business Aviation in year 2020:

    Source: EBAA Country Profiles, Year 2020.

    Jobs (direct & indirect)
    Movements (Departure & Arrivals)
    10 %
    Market Share of Business Aviation
    Unique Airport Pairs
    Output (Business Aviation Industry)
    Registered Business Aircraft

    ​Types and Market Share of Business Aviation

    Business aviation offers various types of flight operations:
    Commercial Aviation
    'Commercial' 49.6%
    Non-Commercial Aviation
    'Non-Commercial' 34.2%
    Medical & Special Flights
    'Medical' 12.8%
    Government / Military
    Govt/Military 3.4%

    Quelle: EBAA Country Profiles, Jahr 2020

    Commercial Operation
    Commercial air operations: Airlines with an operating license and an ‘Air Operator Certificate’ (AOC), examples are executive charter, ambulance and helicopter flights.
    Non-Commercial Operation
    Non-Commercial Aircraft Operations: operations of aircraft without an operating license such as corporate flight operations, private flights or owner flights.
    Specific Air Operation
    Specific types of flight operations: government flights or an aircraft operation with special approvals such as agriculture or search and rescue.

    Legal Flights

    For safe and legal flying with small aircraft and business jets, the basic rule is that all carriage of passengers, cargo, and mail for remuneration requires an operating license.
    As a customer and passenger, please make sure that you fly only with approved air carriers. Only these are operating with an operating license and an Air Operator Certificate (AOC). Companies approved by an aviation authority such as the German Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) provide safe flight operations, meet all insurance requirements and employ pilots with the necessary licenses.

    We want you to arrive safely!

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    Additional information are also available here:
    Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA),  
    European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

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