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GBAA hosted again an event at the European Parliament about "decentralised aviation"!


For some time now, GBAA has been working increasingly with the 'Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association e. V.' (AOPA) and the 'Interessengemeinschaft der regionalen Flugplätze e. V.' (IDRF).

In October 2017, under the patronage of Mr. Marian-Jean Marinescu, deputy group leader in the European Parliament, a series of lectures on "Decentralised Aviation - know more on the background of the majority of aircraft movements" was held. The event was well attended by almost 30 participants.

On 10.01.2018 GBAA hosted together with AOPA and IDRF the annual "Parliamentary Info-Lunch". For the fifth time already, this information event was used in a proven way as a New Year's kick-off event to inform the 32 participants about decentralised aviation and its importance. Under the patronage of Mr. Ismail Ertug, Doerthe Hausmann (Managing Director of Rostock-Laage Airport) spoke about the State-Aid Guidelines of the EU-Commission, Andreas Mundsinger (Managing Director of GBAA) and Robert Baltus (COO EBAA) about the advantages as well as the facts and figures of Business Aviation and Dr. Michael Erb (Managing Director AOPA) on IFR approaches at small airports and connectivity aspects.

Thomas Mayer (Managing Director of IDRF) then summarised all important facts and passed on the concerns of Business Aviation to the MEP's. We hope that Business Aviation will increasingly be recognised as a serious industry.