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26.04.2018 Conference of General, Regional and Business Aviation 2018 at Schönhagen


On 26.04.2018 the GBAA together with the AOPA and the IDRF organized the 7th Conference of General and Regional Business Aviation 2018 at Schönhagen Airport. More than 130 participants came to inform themselves about the topics of business aviation.

The first presentation explained aspects of demand oriented air traffic. Dr. Sven Maertens from DLR talked about the mobility needs of society and the economy. The use of technological possibilities and the use of an efficient and demand oriented air traffic infrastructure through the use of modern aircraft were in the foreground.

The second presentation dealt with sustainable strategies in aviation. Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo reported on alternative powered technologies and immediately afterwards Dr. Reiner Stemme presented his electric motor glider "elfin-RS10.e". This electric high performance glider is equipped with a foldable propeller in the fuselage bow.


The third presentation dealt with the airspace and its new users. Not only wind turbines but also drones were described by Prof. Dr. Elmar Giemulla in a professional way.

The lectures were followed by panel discussions. Participants were representatives of the associations AOPA, GBAA and IDRF as well as DLR and BMVI.

We are looking forward to the next conference in 2020!