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Our mission

We secure your rights and ensure safe and efficient Business Aviation.

Business Aviation offers governments, companies and private individuals tailor-made and flexible air traffic. In order to ensure continued responsible and sustainable growth in Business Aviation in the future, connectivity to remote areas needs to be improved and, like many other niche markets, Business Aviation faces lots of operational challenges.

We are committed to all relevant areas and represent the interests of our members rigorous in the following areas:

  • We promote safe, professional and economical flight operations in Business Aviation
  • We are the voice of Business Aviation in public authorities, legislative institutions and airports to be adequately taken into account in future planning and changes
  • Consultation and participation in national and international legislative procedures
  • Reduction of air traffic related charges
  • We are committed to equal treatment of Business Aviation in slot allocation at all major airports
  • Maintaining decentralised aerodromes for Business Aviation
  • Participation in the introduction of new technologies
  • Organisation of informational events for politics and business
  • Public relations to communicate the necessity and importance of Business Aviation in an understandable way