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Airline vs. Business Aviation

There are diverse perceptions about Business Aviation. Traveling by business aircraft is seen as luxury and exclusive. This is wrong!

Business Aviation makes travelling easier, is extremely effective and saves time.

Some airlines also fly to regional airports. But the essential limiting aspect of flying is not the route network but time.

It starts with the extensive journey to the airport and the necessity to comply with the flight schedules of the airlines. Passengers then have to wait at the security checks and at the departure gate. These delays are often greater than the actual flight times and are therefore not acceptable for efficient managers and companies.

Business Aviation is not affected by these things. The airports' infrastructure takes sufficient account of the needs of Business Aviation and guarantees fast and discrete handling.

Compare a typical business trip with our example. In the end Business Aviation saves not only time but also money:


05:00Arrival at the airport, queue up at security and walking to the gate
06:00Flight Stuttgart - Zürich
connecting flight Zurich – Geneva
08:30Arrival at Geneva and transfer to meeting place
10:00Start of the meeting
17:00End of the meeting
18:15Return flight to Stuttgart via Zurich
21:00Arrival at Stuttgart
  • Aircraft change at Zurich on both ways
  • Passengers have to comply with the airline's flight schedule
  • After arrival at Geneva, again waiting
  • Unflexible travelling
  • Wasted time due to aircraft change and waiting
  • Total trip length: 16.00 hrs!


08:15Arrival at the airport, security check and boarding
08:30Flight Stuttgart – Geneva
09:30Arrival at Geneva and transfer to the meeting place
10:00Start of the meeting
17:00End of the meeting
17:30Return flight Geneva - Stuttgart
18:30Arrival at Stuttgart
  • Nonstopflight to Geneva in only one hour
  • Aircraft must comply with passengers schedule
  • Flexible travelling
  • Passagengers saved nearly six valuable hours
  • Total trip length 10.15 hrs!